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EONA provides support to healthcare facilities via:

    • IPTV solutions that are designed for a wide use
      – Providing the patient with room-service, information and entertainment services.
      – Broadcasting information and programmes in public areas (reception, waiting rooms)
    • Services revolving around design, communication, social links and well-being

– Creating a warm and user-friendly interface in the image of the facility.
– Promoting dynamic communication in the welcome booklet and the patient survey.
– Developing social links between the family and the patient via a portal for exchanging messages and photos.
– Fostering the relationship between the room and the outside world through our shop enabling the patient to order a product or service without leaving their bed.

  • An offering of film and music content to provide the patient with in-room entertainment from their bed.

EONA has also taken particular care in developing a customised offer for retirement homes: particularly user-friendly interface and remote control, content designed for an older audience (games, music, etc.)

icône solutions iptv
IPTV solutions

Through its DES (Digital Entertainment Solution) middleware EONA provides you with a comprehensive solution for creating and operating a wide range of IPTV information and entertainment services.

Thanks to a modular and scalable range DES can fulfil every type of project in the health care sector:

Systematically provides the ability to manage an IPTV offering of TV channels and Radio stations and brings together the essential communication tools for your facility.

Additionally provides hotel services to customise the reception and patient information and integrate the interface with the management system to automate daily operations.

Includes the technology to provide on demand services such as VOD and Jukebox and audio books in addition to all the services offered.


Main Menu
ecran menu général
TV mosaic
ecran mosaïque tv
ecran vod
Welcome Booklet
ecran livret d'accueil


The table below shows the services offered to the customer in each version D.E.S. These services can be turned freely by the hospital according to its needs, open to all rooms or a group of rooms.

TV channels
Weather widget
Web portal
Welcome booklet
RSS Tickers
Video channels
Multilingual navigation
Welcome video
Welcome message
Events (slideshow)
Management System Interface
Audio books

icône solutions matérielles
telecommande IPVEO H

The EONA IPTV solution is offered with an IPVEO-H remote control specially designed for use in a health care environment (user-friendliness, hygiene and safety)


In addition to its solutions EONA offers all the relevant services to healthcare facilities so they can have a customised application at their disposal:

icône design
In order to create a solution that suits the healthcare facility and its patient profiles, EONA offers a variety of collections (Colors, Loft, Softline…) that correspond to graphic design concepts with their own style of browsing menu.
Using the selected collection as starting point our studio customises the graphic user interface according to the level each facility chooses.

icône livret d'accueil
Welcome booklet
EONA will provide assistance to any health care facility who so chooses for the creation and design of the TV welcome booklet (sections, icons). Consultation of the welcome booklet can also be extended to the patient’s mobile device (tablet, smartphone).
portail IPTV des hôpitaux privés de Metz
icône cloud
Cloud services

EONA has created a range of Cloud services to enable healthcare facilities to improve services and foster a connection with the outside world via the IPTV solution.

capture écran oquest

To evaluate patient satisfaction after hospital admittance, EONA offers OQUEST, a satisfaction questionnaire that can be accessed directly on the TV. The OQUEST service enables health care facilities to define one or more questionnaires and have instant access to the results.

ofamily capture

Social link
OFAMILY is a social portal that creates a link between the family and a loved one during long-stay hospitalisation or in a home for the Elderly by sending messages and photos. OFAMILY also enables a facility such as a retirement home to communicate with families on activities and events.

eboutik capture

To open the room to the outside world, EBOUTIK gives patients access to the hospital shop’s products and services directly on the TV. EBOUTIK also allows to manage bookings of services (e.g. hairdresser appointments)





EONA offers several content proposals in the areas of entertainment, stimulation and education, to adapt to the objectives of each facility and the different patient profiles.
EONA content offer is available on a subscription basis.

OKIOSK is an on demand entertainment offer at the patient’s bedside, which covers a catalogue of films from major studios (Universal, Paramount, Dreamworks, Warner…), music and audio books. OKIOSK can be offered in all or part of a health care facility, depending on the length of stay (e.g. VOD in a physiotherapy unit) and the patient profile (e.g. VOD for children in a paediatrics ward). OKIOSK can be included in the TV package or as an option by invoicing the patient occupying the room.

OMEMORY is a Quiz Clips programme, particularly suitable for older patients, which combines an enjoyable game-playing experience with memory stimulation. OMEMORY is composed of a database of Quiz Clips on various themes

  • Decades
  • from the 1920s
  • to the 1980s
  • Cinema
  • Geography

The clips are made from multimedia editing of photographic archives, video and audio files. OMEMORY is easy to use:
You select a clip. After viewing the clip, the user has to answer questions related to elements of the clip. For each question, after the allocated answer time has elapsed, OMEMORY gives you the answer and allows you to view the relevant extract again.

OMEMORY also includes Karaoke sequences for collective use in the communal lounge.

OSANTE is a catalogue of documentaries and educational coverage of topics related to the health sector (anaesthesia, examinations, pregnancy, the brain and so on). The health team can make a selection in the OSANTE database from different themes, such as patient information on using the facility, the health care system as a whole and on a treatment sequence.


EONA is present in public and private health facilities, hospitals, clinics, long-stay centers and retirement homes:

Public hospitals

  • CH Bretagne Sud
  • CH Lille
  • CH Calais
  • Loos
  • CH Hénin-Beaumont
  • CH Cateau-Cambrésis
  • CH Arcachon
  • CH Saumur
  • CH de Pfastatt
  • CH Pontivy
  • CH Saint-Nicolas-de-Port
  • CH Côte de Lumière
  • CH Nîmes Serre Cavalier
  • CH Oncopôle Toulouse
  • CH Metz
  • CH Trévoux
  • CH Givors
  • GHER La Réunion
  • Hôpital Gouin Clichy
CHU Grenoble
CHU Grenoble



Private hospitals

  • Hôpital Américain – Paris
  • HPM Metz
  • GDS Antony
  • GDS Yveline
  • GDS Le Havre
  • GDS La Louvière
  • OC Santé Polyclinique Saint Roch
  • Polyclinique Saint Jean
  • Clinique du Sport
  • Clinique du Sermay
  • Clinique CAPIO Bayard
  • Clinique CAPIO Belharra
  • Clinique Les Clarines
  • Clinique Les Sophoras
  • Clinique Les Tamarins
  • Médipôle Garonne
  • Médipôle Nîmes ICN Kennedy
  • Les Lauriers Roses
  • Institut Ste Catherine
  • Hôpitaux Privés de Metz
  • Clinique Leukerbad – Suisse
Clinique des Grangettes
Clinique des Grangettes – Genève




Long-stay centers and retirement homes

  • Centre de Rééducation de Navenne
  • Centre de Rééducation Paul Cezanne
  • SSR Les Acacias – Briançon
  • Résidence Canal des Maraîchers
  • Résidence Saint-Joseph – Les Touches
  • Résidence La Miotte
  • Résidence Chateaumeillant
  • Résidence Denis Affre
  • Résidence Les Dames du Calvaire
  • Résidence Les Jardins du Soleil
Oncopôle Toulouse
Oncopôle Toulouse