At EONA, we have been catering to the hospitality industry for over a decade. Building on our experience serving independent hotels and major chains, we have developed TEVEO HOTEL to deliver an innovative guest experience.

Slide All the benefits of a multi-screen solution TEVEO Hotel is a unified solution that lets you deliver interactive guest services on the TV in each and every room, as well as manage how you display information in public areas of your hotel.

And if you are looking to take the guest experience a step further, TEVEO Hotel is also available on tablet devices.


The Directory+ module lets you keep in touch with your guests no matter where they are. Send hotel services and local travel and tourism information straight to guests’ smartphones, and use ordering and booking tools to give your sales a boost.

TEVEO Hotel Chromecast is also available.


This service allows customers to securely share from their mobile device to the TV:


• Video content from streaming platforms (Netflix, YouTube, etc.) for which TEVEO cover basic direct management of Android devices, Windows in Screen Mirroring / Miracast mode and optional unified management of all types of devices including iOS in mode Chromecast or Airplay.


• Music content in Bluetooth audio.
This service also allows, if necessary, the simplified connection of external devices in wired mode via the control of HDMI (example: game console).

The content catalog adapted to your hotel and your client profile


This catalog is suitable for 3* category establishments and for mainly family, French or international customers.


This catalog is intended for 3* category establishments and for mainly business customers, French or international.


This catalog is designed for 4* category establishments and business or family customers, French or international.


This catalog is designed for 5* category establishments and business or family customers, French or international.

We understand that hotel guests come from all walks of life. That’s why TEVEO HOTEL links with your PMS system, so you can deliver targeted services and extract maximum value from different guest profiles.

Communicate with your international guests in their own language, right from the start when they settle into their room, and show TV channels that match their nationality. The Ciné+ module lets you deliver even more entertainment content, with a VOD service backed by a catalogue of films in multiple languages.
You can also customise the services and content delivered to rooms occupied by specific group members, such as a corporate event or wedding party.