Present in retirement residences for nearly ten years, EONA has capitalized on its experience with its customers, hospitals, clinics, and long-stay centers to create TEVEO SeniorS and provide an innovative in-room experience.

All the advantages of a multi-display solution.


Based on IPTV technology, TEVEO SENIORS is a solution designed for nursing homes and retirement homes to foster social interaction and develop information and entertainment services.


The objective of TEVEO SENIORS is to meet the needs of all the players in a retirement home: towards the residents, to offer access to entertainment programs, content addressed by their families and practical information. For families, to enable them to maintain an exchange with their loved one in residence by sending photos and videos. For the establishments, to have a complete tool for daily communication and animation towards the residents.

To accompany the resident to his/her new home.


TEVEO SENIORS is designed to provide the establishment with practical tools in its daily relationship with the patient.


The TEVEO SENIORS interface is organized around a welcome screen that displays daily information in the form of banners (ephemeris, menu, animation, photo of the day) and offers the resident a choice of four themed services through a simple and ergonomic menu: TELE, FAMILY, HOME, TRAVEL.

Seniors and family social network
Easy to use
This service offers access to the TV channel list with channel preview, information on the current/next program, as well as features essential for the comfort of an elderly person with the display of subtitles and audio description. For ease of use, a TV channel can of course be selected at any time directly from the numeric keypad and the buttons on our simplified remote control. The bouquet of DTT channels can be completed if necessary with a selection of French radio stations available free of charge via satellite.
This social link service allows family members to send via the Google Photos service connected with our Ofamily site, their photos and videos that are broadcast directly on the resident’s TV. The access by the resident to his slideshow is done by simply selecting the FAMILY tile. To benefit from this service, the family must have a Google Photos© account and connect it with our Ofamily service (QR Code or link by email sent by the establishment).
Presented in the form of a gallery, this service allows the establishment to easily integrate its own photo and video content, for example related to animations, and to make them accessible for consultation by residents. If necessary, this content can be organized by category.
This service is intended to offer the resident a window to the outside world through programs and adapted atmospheres. By simply selecting the VOYAGE tile, the resident has direct access to a channel covering a scenario made up of photos and videos, which can be programmed according to days of the week and defined schedules.
Operate your solution with peace of mind.


TEVEO SENIORS offers the advantage of a centralized solution to serve multiple needs in all areas of the facility:


In residents’ rooms with services on television.


In collective spaces (reception, restaurant, corridors) to program the display of information or the broadcasting of a channel from the VOYAGE bank.


In the living room where the host can wirelessly broadcast game programs on a connected TV from a tablet or smartphone. The living room can also be equipped with a camera to capture animations and broadcast them live in the rooms.