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EONA provides support to hotel managers via:

  • IPTV and Mobile solutions to create a new dimension in their customer relations.
  • Design and marketing services to enable them to have a customised application.
  • An offer of film and music content to provide all the comfort of in-room entertainment.
icône solutions iptv
IPTV Solutions

Through its DES (Digital Entertainment Solution) middleware EONA provides you with a comprehensive solution for creating and operating a wide range of IPTV information and entertainment services.

Thanks to a modular and scalable range DES can fulfil every type of hotel project:

Systematically provides the ability to manage an IPTV offering of TV channels and Radio stations and brings together the essential communication tools for your hotel.

Additionally provides hotel services to customise the reception desk and customer information and integrate the interface with the PMS to automate daily operations.

Includes the technology to provide on demand services such as VOD and Jukebox, in addition to all the services offered.


Choice of language
TV mosaic
Information portal


The table below shows the services offered to the customer in each version D.E.S. These services can be enabled freely by the hotel according to its needs, open to all rooms or a group of rooms.

TV channels
Weather widget
Web portal
Room directory
RSS tickers
TV+ (Video channels)
Multilingual navigation
Welcome video
Welcome message
Events (slideshow)
PMS interface
View bill
AOD (Juke box)
icône solutions mobile
Mobile devices

Via its EPORTAL solution, EONA provides a new experience to hotel managers in customer relations which enables:

  • Hotel guests who connect via the hotel wifi to access a concierge portal from their own device (smartphone, tablet, computer) where they will find all the information they need for their stay.
  • Hotel managers to promote their services and communicate directly on their guests’ mobile devices.

The EPORTAL solution is offered in several versions to meet the needs of each hotel (concierge desk, orders, bookings, satisfaction survey, social networks…).

icone video

Watch the EPORTAL video