We are very happy to have collaborated on the IPTV at the opening of the Miura Hotel and thank Xavier Lain and The Bird team for their trust.


Formerly known as the Cervolan, the hotel created in the 70s borrowed the assertive architectural style of the time with the architect Jean-Louis Rey Chanéac. Two ideas then predominate, with the first theme of the fortified house housing in its center a park, second a form of building that seen from the sky represents a bird spreading its wings to fly.

After several lives for 50 years, the hotel, at the initiative of Xavier Lain, begins a new era under his new name: Miura
Completely renovated under the leadership of the architect Daniel De Cicco to create a place of light and space, the 4-star Hotel Miura is ideally located at the foot of Lake Aix les Bains, the Riviera des Alpes.


The Miura combines 61 upscale rooms and suites, restaurants and bar, seminar areas as well as a swimming pool and gym.